Mr. Film Snob’s Credibility

January 17, 2009

Just in case you have read one of Mr. Film Snob’s reviews and found yourself questioning his credibility (I do it all the time), you should let those fears subside. Why?

Because Mr. Film Snob imparted some intellectual film wisdom to the greatest sports writer alive, and this wisdom appeared in one of his recent columns. If Mr. Film Snob’s vast movie knowledge and opinions are good enough for Bill Simmons, then they should certainly be good enough for you.


Here’s the quote in question:

(Speaking of rewatchable movies, a number of you e-mailed about last week’s “Cast Away” rant and were equally bothered by the husband’s disappearance in the climactic Hanks-Hunt scene, but Kyle in College Station, Texas, had the best theory: “What makes you think the husband is sleeping? He needs to let his wife resolve the situation so he’s up there wide awake listening to every word — it’s not like he can forbid her to see him. I think Hunt is the Packers, Hanks is Brett Favre, and the husband is Aaron Rodgers. The Packers thought that Favre was long gone and had moved on, beginning a relationship with Rodgers. Now when Favre came back, Rodgers could not have forbid the Packers to talk to Favre, nor was Rodgers turning a blind eye to the situation. See, just like “Cast Away”!”)