About The Net Flicker: The Net Flicker was launched in December of 2008 after Mr. Film Snob and Average Joe decided it was time to put their endless diatribes and opinions about movies to use. Seriously, if these two spent half has much time studying as they did discussing movies, television, and fantasy baseball (we’ll build that after you make us famous for this), they would already have their PhD’s.

The vast majority of movie review sites consist of people like Mr. Film Snob just writing their reviews, and well frankly, that’s just boring. The Net Flicker aims to offer something for everyone. Mr. Film Snob will provide reviews for those with a more refined movie palate, while Average Joe will write about movies from a normal person’s perspective.

The duo will attempt to review many of the same movies so that you can get insight into both approaches, or the one that suits you the best.

In addition, they plan to offer additional features such as top 10 lists (sports movies, actors in a supporting role, best dramedy’s in the 2000s -yeah right), back and forth verbal banter and the invariable knock out drag out about whether or not Will Ferrell is actually funny.

As a site very much in its infancy Average Joe would really appreciate it if you would e-mail us your thoughts and suggestions to ensure that we provide the best platform for your movie tastes. Mr. Film Snob is far more intelligent than you will every be (especially with respect to movies), but you can send him your thoughts as well.

About Mr. Film Snob: Kyle Barrett is better at watching movies than you are. His movie watching is a search for truth. After all, while movies can take you to the far reaches of the universe and into different worlds all together, they are written by people that live in the same reality that we do.

His movie rentals consist almost exclusively of foreign and independently made movies. He doesn’t like to limit his movie selection just to the major movie productions because there is often little truth in those and they are often told in a copy-cat manner.

He has also seen 82 of AFI’s top 100 movies. However, the Film Snob has no formal movie critiquing experience, he doesn’t know what cinematography is and can’t quite figure out how the year’s best movie editing is determined. He just likes movies–and he’s better at it than you are.

About Average Joe: Ryan Stephens is an avid movie watcher who doesn’t need deep meaningful characters, an uber complex story line, or Oscar buzz. He needs entertainment, and for that reason he insists Robert Downey Jr. win the best actor award every year.

Chances are he hasn’t seen some of the movies you think are the “best ever” because he wasn’t alive then, and he’s not a big fan of black and white or technicolor. Will Ferrell is funny, Little Miss Sunshine is not, and Mr. Film Snob is a pretentious loser who thinks he’s better than you because he has movies in his Netflix queue that you have never heard of.

You can reach me here: ryanstephensmarketing@gmail.com


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  1. Bryan Apolskis says:


    I would add some pics to liven up the first page people see.

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