Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist Review


Reviewed By: Average Joe

Synopsis: Two teens Nick (Michael Cera) and Norah (Kat Dennings) are thrust together by a chance encounter, turned first date. The two endure a night in New York City looking for a rock bank, The Fluffy’s (or is it Fluffies?) The two seem to have nothing in common, but their love of similar music and their confusion of teenage life.

Review: Just to mix things up here at The Net Flicker. I’ll give a bulleted summary of my reaction to the movie.

  • Michael Cera is absolutely hilarious with dry comedy. For him to play someone so socially awkward I’m convinced he’s at least partially socially awkward in real life.
  • Tris (Alexis Dziena) is really hot, and she is actually a month older than me, despite looking young, so I can say that.
  • There’s something endearing about the authenticity of the relationship between Nick and Norah. I guess my point is, it makes sense that they would connect.
  • The bathroom scene with Norah’s best friend Carolina (Ari Graynor) was absolutely disgusting and unnecessary.
  • The movie was predictable, though you probably new that before you started watching it.
  • I liked the speech about the Beatles and hand holding.
  • You have to at least snicker at the Seth Myers and Andy Samberg cameos.
  • A couple of parts that I laughed out loud included a handi-napkin, and jokes about Nick’s haircut.
  • The entire running joke with the chewing gum is stupid.
  • Also, let me just say, never, ever, put your foot near my face. It’s a sure way to get punched by Average Joe.

Rating: 5.9 (+1 if you are really into Indie Rock, +1 if you’re 15-19)

Synopsis: It’s a fun, light-hearted film that movies quickly and gains some additional points based on it’s solid soundtrack, Cera’s dry humor, and a solid view of New York city. The two leads are both talented, but I typically like more demanding movies. It’s worth a rent if you’re looking for something light or fall into either of the categories that would acquire a “+1” from the rating.


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